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Sep 3

The November Man (2014)

Well, there certainly are lots of action in this movie, but really it’s just too far-fetched.

There’s only so much that can be done with cosmetic surgery, so they really should have found an actress who’s face shape is at least close to Olga’s.
I mean, from a long-ish face to a much shorter one? Really?
Yes, they want to make it so no one can recognize her, but come on, gotta be at least believable. One can only suspend one’s reality so much.

Frankenweenie (2012)

The relationship between the boy and the dog was very sweet and i really loved that.
However, I’m not so keen on the fact that every other character seems so stereotypical tho.

Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)

where to begin?
well, I loved the visual, the lush color, the cinematography and the transition at the beginning of the movie, but that’s about it.
I loved Rachel Weisz, tho she has a ridiculous head piece on, IMO, the whole time.
I didn’t believe in James Franco’s character for a second and there are corny moments. It is nice to watch the movie on the big screen for the visual, but I think one can probably wait for Netflix, as well.
I guess, if you have an afternoon to kill, the money for it, just want to escape, to be alone, and do not having a great expectation; basically what I was doing (tho I really wanted to see Rachel Weisz, as well) then it’s not a total waste.

update: I loved Rachel Weisz not for her character but because I just love her as an actor to start with. the characters are fairly un-developed.

Ironclad (2011)

120 minutes of my life that I can’t get back!

Movie’s got a few of actors I like: Brian Cox, Derek Jacobi, Paul Giamatti but it just failed to grab me. I kept thinking “where’s this movie going?” while watching it and that is never a good sign. Gory, is probably the only thing I can think of when asked how’s the movie and that’s it.

I’ve really got nothing else for this movie.

Unstoppable (2010)

Didn’t know anything about this movie when I picked it up. Not even remembering see the trailers for it. That said, it was quite entertaining.

There’s really not much to the movie except the 2 guys (Denzel Washington & Chris Pine) trying to do stop a runaway freight train. There isn’t really any dull moment, it was a tight 90 minutes and that’s what made it. enjoyable. Nowadays, many action movies try to pack in more than enough and made the movie overlong, in my opinion. (Here’s looking at you, “Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol”)

If you want to be entertained for the night, check out this movie. You won’t be disappointed.

Underworld (2003)

this movie is my guilty pleasure. i don’t think it’s a good movie per se, but i enjoy watching it nonetheless.

as a movie, i think the whole color tone is too dark. yes, i understand this is a story about vampires and wolves, and yes, i understand that both are dark creatures, and yes, i know that the tone is supposed to be dark, but i just think it’s too dark that it’s difficult to see details at times. the same problem with “Seven” in my opinion. there are other flaws to the movie, two were when Kate is jumping down from one floor to another, and you can clearly see that it was a stunt double, quite disappointing really. with the kind of money they spent on special effects and all, they couldn’t fix that? what was the editor doing? i am generally pretty forgiving when it comes to reflections of the crew or whatnot because those are harder to spot, but this, the point was to have the camera stay on Kate, so it really shouldn’t have been ok for the audience to spot the stunt double. or so i think.

there is really nothing that original about the story, i just love watching it for Kate Beckinsale who’s leather clad in the movie and she looks damn good. i have to say tho, i think Scott Speedman is totally miscast. i don’t know who would be a good cast for the role of Michael ‘cuz i don’t’ think about that, i just feel odd watching him on screen in this movie, just a feeling, really. Bill Nighy is in this movie, and i like him, a lot. i first saw him or remember seeing him in “Love Actually”, which came out the same year as “Underworld” but in the winter and that’s when I realized that the vampire i saw in the summer is the same guy who sings that ridiculous Christmas song. then i saw him in “Shaun of the Dead” & “Hot Fuzz” and just liked him even more. I think he’s a terrific actor. Oh, and there was Sophia Myles who later i recognized immediately as Madame De Pompadour in Doctor Who. and there was also Wentworth Miller who later starred in “Prison Break”.

so, you can tell, as a movie, there is really not much to it, since i barely mention it at all. and that’s why it’s a guilty pleasure for me ‘cuz i do enjoy watching Kate, and the action sequence is pretty cool, and i enjoy watching Kate in leather, and there was Bill Nigh, and did i mention that i enjoy watching Kate already?

Fried Green Tomatoes (1991)

i love this movie. just watched it again last night after many years and it still makes me cry.

i still want a relationship that’s like Idgie and Ruth’s. that’s what i thought after i saw it the first time and the same after watching it last night. they loved each other, i don’t care how you read it, they loved each other, period.

Ruth was the only one who got Idgie and from the moment Idgie figured that out, she had always loved Ruth with all her heart. it is funny/interesting how ppl just accepted the two of them the way they were or at least seemed to. (in the book there was nothing but love and support from Idgie’s family/parents) i have to say, i was surprised, i had thought, in that era, in the south, they would have been picked on somewhat. maybe, and this is terrible to say, but maybe, in that era, there were other social undesirables worse than the two of them so they were un-bothered with that aspect of their lives? whatever it was, they had lived out their lives with the one they truly loved even if it was short. the pessimist in me says not many ppl get that chance in this day and age.

for what it’s worth, i enjoyed the way this story was told and Mary-Louise Parker’s portrayal of Ruth made me fell in love with her, and still do.

RED (2010)

just got home from watching RED, while it wasn’t horrible, it definitely left me unsatisfied.

the trailer looks really cool and it has Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich & Helen Mirren but that’s pretty much it. the story is way simple and the pace of the movie could be a bit tighter, I felt.

of course, I wasn’t expecting this to be a deep, thinking movie; I just wanted to be entertained with actions and special effects and good acting and I don’t feel like I got that. The last movie that left me unsatisfied after a really good trailer was “9”.

maybe I am just expecting too much nowadays, or maybe I should just stop watching trailers all together.

come to think of it, I’m disappointed, really.